Paid advertising in the Web3 world

Paid advertising in the Web3 world

About this course

Web3 paid advertising faces unique challenges that require specialised knowledge of the sector to be able to successfully navigate them. We explain the ever-shifting policy restrictions that apply for ads in the blockchain space (especially in crypto) and how to increase the likelihood of ad approval.

About the Mentor

Shann Holmberg
Shann Holmberg
CMO - Head of Paid Ads
As Head of Growth at Lunar Strategy, Shann leads our paid advertising efforts following on from his position at Google's advertising support division. He harnesses his insider expertise to help Web3 companies navigate ever-changing ad policies and get the most out of their paid ads budgets.
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Course Topics

Paid advertising in Web3
Paid ads on Facebook & Instagram
Paid ads on Twitter
Paid ads on Google
Paid ads on crypto ad networks
Tracking performance for Web3 ads
Web3 paid ads strategy