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Web3 Pass

What's the difference between Lunar Academy and the Lunar Web3 pass?

You will receive mentoring sessions with one of the Lunar Academy course directors, the publication of thought leadership articles and press releases about you or your project with reputable Web3 outlets, plus access to exclusive Web3 networking events and a private Discord server to complement your Lunar Academy's Web3 studies. 

The Lunar Academy's seven-part course will see you learn how to grow a community; the role of social media in Web3; get started with public relations and influencer marketing in Web3; paid advertising, planning, strategy and prices; as well as building Web3 collaborations.

What You Will Learn

We know that Web2 marketing tactics fail miserably in Web3's decentralized, community-driven landscape. That's why we will be equipping you with the knowledge, strategies, and tools needed to transform your career, income, and future in Web3.

Community Building that Fuels Growth and Nurtures Retention

Community is the cornerstone of Web3 marketing and the single most important determinant of a project's success. Learn how to fuel growth and nurture vibrant communities from agency experts who do it best.

The Strategies We Use To Build Trust, Authority and Awareness

Trust and transparency generate awareness and drive advocacy from Web3 audiences. From pitching templates to tried-and-tested social media strategies and influencer marketing insights, learn what it takes to build genuine authority.

Our Proven Outreach Practices To Create Win-Win Collaborations

Navigating collaborations in Web3 is challenging without industry expertise, which is where our Web3 maestro steps in to share with you our agency's proven outreach strategies.

Thought leadership articles and press releases

Building trust and transparency are of paramount importance to success in Web3 where authenticity matters most. To achieve this, the Lunar Academy team will develop thought leadership and press releases about you or your project to be published on our Web3 partner websites.
Adam Westeren

Building Web3 communities

Head of Community Adam Westeren shares his latest insights into the state of crypto communities and gives tips on how to grow a project and build communities in the Web3 world.“I started investing in crypto around five years ago. I was fascinated by seeing how some communities surpassed and grew more than others during this time.
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Johnny Pedro

Building collaborations in the world of WEB3

In this interview, Johnny, Head of partnerships at Lunar Strategy, shares insight on how to embark on crypto collaborations and discusses all his latest tips and tricks on how you can successfully grow a project and build strategic partnerships in the WEB3 world.

What is a strategic partnership, and why is it so important in the crypto world?
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Julieta Ose

Social Media content in WEB3

In this interview with Julieta Ose, she shares her latest insights into the state of Web3 and tips for how to grow your social media following.

What are the biggest challenges in building a Web3 social media presence? We live in a day and age where catching someone’s focus is harder than ever.
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Our Pricing

We offer two packages to jump into Web3. The first package is the self-paced Lunar Academy course and our second accelerator package, the Lunar Web3 pass, gives you additional access to mentors, the release of thought leadership articles and press releases to Web3 publications about you or your project, and exclusive networking opportunities.
Lunar Academy
  • 7 Web3 marketing courses
  • Resource documents on Web3
    planning, strategies and pitching
  • Access to email partnership
  • Completion certificate
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