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Lunar Academy is a Web3 marketing course where you will learn the best practices of Web3 marketing. This is everything from building community to ways of getting people to join your community and build up authority in the market.

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What People say
about our courses

Lars Maehler
Lars Maehler
GM of First Page Hong Kong,
Head of Interstellar
Development at
Head of Partnership
Ecosystem at
Lunar Academy, takes the ambiguity out of generic advice and offers granular approaches to important facets that are crucial in enabling the success of a project and community establishment.

Not only is it clear that the course instructors practice what they preach, but do so with excitement and fascination that is in line with the amazing space that they operate in.

This should be a 'must do' course for any marketer looking to help their brand transition to the web3 space for strategic insights, as well providing inspiration around ideas in the course of this transition. Couldn't recommend it more highly
Akash K. Benerjee
Akash K. Banerjee
Certified Blockchain Expert
Though the fundamental marketing principles are always the same, understanding where to begin with Web3 marketing strategies at this early stage can overwhelm even an experienced Web2 marketer.

Community is what keeps Web3 alive. Our internet lives now wouldn't be complete without memes. Hence, a fullfledged Web3 marketing course was needed for Marketing professionals. Something that can help us integrate traditional marketing techniques with new-age community building, social media, and influencer marketing strategies. Lunar Strategy Web3 marketing training fills that need.
Lohit Boruah
Lohit Boruah
Growth marketing
As a Web3 marketer, I understand how tough it is to acquire the proper web3 marketing skills to make an impact on the crypto industry.

I'm glad to see Lunar developed a specialized web3 marketing course designed specifically to help beginners familiarise themselves with the field and learn from professionals in order to become experts themselves!