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Welcome to Lunar Academy

The launchpad for your Web3 marketing career or project's success, our course is designed by our team of blockchain experts to seamlessly onboard Web2 marketers, project owners, and community managers into the rapidly-evolving world of Web3.

Why Web3 marketing?

Think soaring salaries, growing demand, and a shortage of expertise. Web3 positions on LinkedIn grew by 395% in 2021 alone, and further statistics show that blockchain roles can pay 20%-30% higher than comparable non-blockchain positions (Cointelegraph). Web3 marketing is a paradigm shift away from Web2 marketing practices, making upskilling not only desirable but a priority if you or your project want to succeed in the blockchain sphere.

What You Will Learn

We know that Web2 marketing tactics fail miserably in Web3's decentralized, community-driven landscape. That's why we will equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and tools needed to transform your career, income, and future in Web3.

Community Building that Fuels Growth and Nurtures Retention

Community is the cornerstone of Web3 marketing and the single most important determinant of a project's success. Learn how to fuel growth and nurture vibrant communities from agency experts who do it best.

The Strategies We Use To Build Trust, Authority, and Awareness

Trust and transparency generate awareness and drive advocacy from Web3 audiences. From pitching templates to tried-and-tested social media strategies and influencer marketing insights, learn what it takes to build genuine authority.

Our Proven Outreach Practices To Create Win-Win Collaborations

Navigating collaborations in Web3 is challenging without industry expertise, which is where our Web3 maestro steps in to share with you our agency's proven outreach strategies.

Meet Your Mentors

Get trained by industry-leading experts from Lunar Strategy to propel you into Web3 success. 
Tim Haldorsson
Tim Haldorsson
Tim Haldorsson
Tim first stepped into the crypto world in 2017 and has never looked back since. Now CEO of blockchain marketing agency Lunar Strategy, he’s also a published author and regular contributor providing forward-thinking insights to a number of respected Web3 publications like Cointelegraph and NFT Plazas.
Julieta Ose
Julieta Ose
Julieta Ose
Crypto Content Creator
An experienced public speaker and mentor with more than ten years of experience in brand development, marketing, and content production, has recently delved into blockchain and has already built an extensive portfolio.
Shann Holmberg
Shann Holmberg
Shann Holmberg
CMO - Head of Paid Ads
As Head of Growth at Lunar Strategy, Shann leads our paid advertising efforts following on from his position at Google's advertising support division. He harnesses his insider expertise to help Web3 companies navigate ever-changing ad policies and get the most out of their paid ads budgets.
Jack Haldorsson
Jack Haldorsson
Jack Haldorsson
Head of Influencer Marketing
Head of Influencer Marketing Jack leverages his know-how of blockchain ecosystems and his strong KOL relationships to execute results-focused strategies that amplify brand storytelling, drive awareness and skyrocket product launches. He's been known to have projects sell out in a matter of minutes for millions.
Luisa Jacinto
Luisa Jacinto
Luisa Jacinto
Influencer Manager
Influencer Marketing Manager Luisa spearheads our Web3 influencer campaigns, strategising, planning and executing innovative blockchain strategies at scale. She is highly skilled in building and maximising the impact of influencer marketing campaigns within the ever-evolving Web3 space.
Adam Westerén
Adam Westerén
Adam Westerén
Head of Community Growth
Creating vibrant blockchain communities is what Adam excels at. As Head of Community, he deeply understands the nuances of Web3 community-focused foundations, using this knowledge to fuel community growth, nurture retention and drive advocacy.
Johnny Pedro
Johnny Pedro
Johnny Pedro
Head of Partnership
Johnny is the mastermind behind our collaboration efforts, developing and building out high-value strategic Web3 partnerships for Lunar Strategy. He leads and onboards our partnerships to open up revenue channels, expand reach and of course, create mutually-satisfying collaborations.

What People say
about our courses

Lars Maehler
Lars Maehler
GM of First Page Hong Kong,
Head of Interstellar
Development at
Head of Partnership
Ecosystem at
Lunar Academy, takes the ambiguity out of generic advice and offers granular approaches to important facets that are crucial in enabling the success of a project and community establishment.

Not only is it clear that the course instructors practice what they preach, but do so with excitement and fascination that is in line with the amazing space that they operate in.

This should be a 'must do' course for any marketer looking to help their brand transition to the web3 space for strategic insights, as well providing inspiration around ideas in the course of this transition. Couldn't recommend it more highly
Akash K. Benerjee
Akash K. Banerjee
Certified Blockchain Expert
Though the fundamental marketing principles are always the same, understanding where to begin with Web3 marketing strategies at this early stage can overwhelm even an experienced Web2 marketer.

Community is what keeps Web3 alive. Our internet lives now wouldn't be complete without memes. Hence, a fullfledged Web3 marketing course was needed for Marketing professionals. Something that can help us integrate traditional marketing techniques with new-age community building, social media, and influencer marketing strategies. Lunar Strategy Web3 marketing training fills that need.
Lohit Boruah
Lohit Boruah
Growth marketing
As a Web3 marketer, I understand how tough it is to acquire the proper web3 marketing skills to make an impact on the crypto industry.

I'm glad to see Lunar developed a specialized web3 marketing course designed specifically to help beginners familiarise themselves with the field and learn from professionals in order to become experts themselves!

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We offer two packages to jump into Web3. The first package is the self-paced Lunar Academy course and our second accelerator package, the Lunar Web3 pass, gives you additional access to mentors, publications and exclusive networking opportunities.
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